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Can New Technology Help Eliminate the Productivity Gap? – Productivity Article

Conversations around optimizing workplace productivity have always existed—the only real changes to the conversation are the solutions that business leaders consider to ameliorate the productivity gap. In the past, these solutions often had to do with individual performance (how each team member can operate more efficiently). But today, the conversation has shifted to also include the ways that technology can alleviate workloads, enhance communication and help teams accomplish the same quality of work more quickly.From completing online learning to automating…

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Coping with Stress & Anxiety in Sobriety – Productivity Article

Even the most effective Productivity Ninjas out there encounter stress and anxiety from time to time. After all, even after extensive Time Management Training workloads can still pile up and anxiety can take hold. With addiction being an increasing topic in news headlines, it is important to discuss ways to cope with stress and anxiety without that bottle of liquid courage. Here are a few ways on how to cope with stress and anxiety in sobriety. Prioritize your daily, weekly,…

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