Qigong Walking Mediation for Kids (and Grownups) #AtoZChallenge – Self Improvement Article

Qigong walking meditation is a great way to help kids–and grownups–find calm and joy. During my school days, our home would be bustling with activity. Since I grew up at my Grandmother’s place, we had lots of house guests over, visiting for the summer vacation. Every day was a festival—food, people, outings, lots of cousins in a range of age groups. Those were the days! And guess which part of our “population” needed managing? The kids. There were as many…

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The benefits of homeschooling your kids when you work from home #Parenting – Self Improvement Article

A friend of ours has decided to homeschool her child. She did try day school for a few years but it just isn’t working for them. She arrived at the decision because she feels that she’ll do a better job, especially since she works from home. Of course, she’s talked to other parents who are homeschooling their kids. Working from home and providing homeschooling are two things that work together really well and it’s fortunate that in today’s society, we…

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