Stepping Into A Higher Timeline of Light – Eclipse Gateway – Spiritual Article

The Eclipse Gateway- Aligning With Higher Levels of LightTo make the most of the Eclipse Gateway.. Make it a priority to tune into your heart, and drop into the silence and stillness within.Be ready to adapt to changes, and be open to change, tackle the challenges on your path and put in the work necessary to achieve your authentic goals and dreams.The eclipse gateway will urge, support, and push you to grow spiritually, personally and to connect with your light,…

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Spiritual Significance of Halloween – – Spiritual Article

Spiritual Halloween. What’s the Real Meaning of All Hallows Eve?With just a short stroll through any grocery store in October, you’ll be quick to realize what one of the main icons of Halloween has become: candy!Sponsored Links   I’m not going to lie, dressing up in costume and collecting free candy from everyone in the neighborhood growing up, made Halloween one of my favorite holidays.But in addition to candy, costumes, spooky fun and ghoulish decorations…I bet you’ve sensed or felt…

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