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Why Doesn’t God Just Destroy All the Demons? – Spiritual Article

Someone asked me the other day why God doesn’t just destroy all the demons and astral entities so they don’t bother us anymore. He wanted to know why God let them live in the first place.I think I’ve probably written about this before but it bears repeating.Demons and lower vibrational astral entities are part of creation. Just as are humans, animals, plants, insects, and everything with life in it in the universe.We humans take a particular dislike towards demons and…

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Do Souls Choose to Incarnate into Damaged Bodies? – Spiritual Article

“Why would a soul choose to incarnate into a body that is not fully intact? For example, there are babies born deaf, or blind, or with Down’s syndrome, etc. Are these souls being punished for something they did in a previous life? Does the soul know it’s being born into a body that is crippled or sick?” – Kiely This is a question I am asked frequently and it’s a good one. I will share my beliefs about this and…

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