Articles on Indian Mantras

How to Chant Life Transforming Mantras – Spiritual Article

In this post, I have written about Life Transforming Mantras that are said to change the life of an individual and help him discover God. Many followers of Mantra Vidya often ask for a special or magical Mantra that will change their lives for the better, hence, this post should be useful for these people who wish to practice such Mantras. The question of whether a Mantra can change their lives and make them evolve is very difficult to answer…

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How to Remove Side Effects of Voodoo Spells – Spiritual Article

In this post, I have published a mail for a reader who firmly believes that she is a victim of some most powerful voodoo black-magic spells and appears to be in some sort of mental turmoil and wishes for a quick and fast working remedy to exorcise the after effects of the voodoo spells. The best option in such a case is to remove the accumulated negative energies and cleanse the mind of the negative thought forms that have entered…

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