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Gratitude Habitat | Living In Gratitude: Daily Intentions – Positivity Article

June 22, 2019 Our intention creates reality. – Wayne Dyer Studies have proven that happy, successful individuals have a set routine and habits that keep them focused. One of these practices is taking time time each morning to set a daily intention. This helps alleviate stress, creating an inner peace and assuredness that provides a fresh perspective. An intention is simply a promise you make to yourself. Setting aside time to contemplate your purpose for the day ahead allows for…

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Gratitude Habitat | Living In Gratitude: Finding Joy – Positivity Article

May 18, 2019 As a society, our primary focus is on achievement and success. The pressure to perform and the heightened expectation of success is a burden that weighs us down, decreasing our enthusiasm and robbing us of the ability to experience joy.  An accomplished life frequently equates to our career. But there is so much more to life than work. When we define our life’s purpose solely on our level of success in our jobs, this can leave us…

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