“I Try to Focus on My Breath, and Within Seconds, I’m Focusing on the Deadlines I’m Missing.” – Happiness Article

Interview: Dan Zevin. Dan Zevin is a Thurber Prize-winning humorist who has written for the New York Times, The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, Rolling Stone, Salon, Real Simple, Parents, and The Wall Street Journal, and as a comic commentator for NPR. He’s also the author of  Dan Gets a Minivan and The Day I Turned Uncool, which were both optioned by Adam Sandler. His latest book and YouTube series is Very Modern Mantras: Daily Affirmations for Daily Aggravations. I love aphorisms, proverbs, koans, paradoxes,…

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“Red Is the Salt of Color,” or, Why I Love the Short, Powerful Observation of the Aphorism. – Happiness Article

I love aphorisms, proverbs, koans, paradoxes, fables, and teaching stories. Lately I’ve been spent a lot of time thinking and reading about aphorisms. Now, what exactly is an “aphorism?” As with just about everything, people argue about definitions. Aphorism expert (yes, such an expertise exists) James Geary argues for “FIVE LAWS OF THE APHORISM: It Must Be Brief, It Must Be Personal, It Must Be Definitive, It Must Be Philosophical, and It Must Have a Twist.” Here’s how I define…

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