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Watch pigeon who can’t fly and baby chihuahua who struggles to walk become best buds – Positivity Article

Please share our story on:An unlikely friendship developed between a pigeon and a puppy when they met in a shelter – and it’s the most adorable thing you will ever see! Herman, the pigeon, and Lundy, the 8-week-old Chihuahua, met at The Mia Foundation, a New York-based rescue dedicated to giving pets with congenital disabilities a chance at having a regular life. Facebook“Our main goal is take in animals born with birth defects,” Sue Rogers, who founded the organization in…

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Adopted senior cat can’t sleep unless his new mom holds his paw – Positivity Article

Please share our story on: This senior cat only wants one thing before he sleeps – for his new mom to hold his paw while he does so. Jamie, a Burmese cat, was previously owned by an elderly woman. But when she had to move into a nursing home, she was forced to surrender the 13-year-old feline to an RSPCA Australia shelter. Courtesy of Sarah Dempsey The cat didn’t seem to understand why he wasn’t with his mom anymore, and…

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