The Skinny Confidential Beauty Vault Reveal + 3 Tips To Keep Your Office Organized – Lifestyle Article

Turn on your JavaScript to view content As some of you guys know, I recently moved into The Skinny Confidential HQ ( we’re calling it the TSC Dreamhouse because we want it so Barbie hot pink that it’s obnoxious ). One of the requirements of moving into a new office space was that I wanted a closet that we could put all the giveaway goodies in. Think of it as a beauty, health, wellness, skin closet where everything is organized so we can see…

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How I Became Amazon Best Selling Author

Originally posted on      What seems to be an overnight success is actually a result of many sleepless nights. I realised it when I started chasing my dreams and took deliberate actions to turn them into reality. There were times when it was almost impossible to move forward. The only thing that kept pushing me was the biggest purpose of my life. The purpose which my destiny probably had for me. My aim was not to become Amazon…

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Which is better for starting a small online business in India

Selling online is the buzzword for start-ups and small entrepreneurs, who now have different choices for setting up their online store. Though there are many options for running an online store, there are many considerations too for setting up an online business. Choosing the right option for selling online is absolutely crucial to the success of a business. Amazon and Shopify are two good options to start selling online for those who do not want to be worked up with…

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