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They transformed a detached garage into a one-bedroom in-law unit, the inside is cozy! – Positivity Article

Please share our story on:When Lee Reich is a widow, she had to pay $1,900 for a one-bedroom unit she has been renting. Eventually, the lease got higher and it did not make sense to pay for an empty nest. Her daughter, Stacy Lince also suffered the same ridiculous problem in terms of rent pricing in Santa Rosa, California. The two paid off a combined amount of $4,000 per month, which continued to rise as time went by. The two…

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Woman’s giant cookie monster front door display for trick-or-treaters goes viral – Positivity Article

Please share our story on:This Pennsylvania woman went all out for Halloween by transforming her front door into one of television’s most beloved characters. WHTMHalloween could be a fun time for children and adults alike. For the kids, this holiday means exploring the neighborhood in their costumes to get lots of free candy. For the adults, the fun comes in dressing up for parties and decorating their homes – especially for the creative ones who can’t wait to style their…

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These seven girlfriends bought a mansion so they can retire and live together – Positivity Article

Please share our story on: While most of us could only dream of living in a mansion, this group of friends in China just made it their reality. It all started out as a joke. In 2008, seven friends gathered and said that they would live the retired life together when they turn 60. Back then, nobody took it seriously – the statement was all made in good fun. YouTube Fast forward to a decade later, the friendship fantasy became…

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