Almost Relationships

8 Reasons Why Your Almost Relationship Never Turned Into The Relationship You Wanted – Personal Development Article

1. You gave them the wrong idea. If you used sarcasm or distance as a defense mechanism to protect yourself, you might have given this person the wrong idea. You might have made the impression you wanted nothing to do with them. You might have scared them away from asking you out. 2. You weren’t looking for the same things. There’s a big difference between harmlessly flirting with someone and making a serious commitment to someone. You don’t need to…

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Not A Casual Love Kind Of Girl – Self Improvement Article

You’re not a casual love kind of girl. There’s nothing casual about love to you. Casual means you can just flip a switch on love and turn it on or off. Casual means that you’re not the only one in the relationship. Casual means that at the end of the day, you’re not sure where you stand with that person – is it ok to text good morning? Is it ok to call on your way home from work? Is…

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6 Times My Almost Relationships Ended Before Becoming Official – Self Improvement Article

1. We never became official because he ended up dating someone else. He blindsided me by getting another girlfriend. I was completely thrown off, completely heartbroken, because I hadn’t seen any warning signs. He was the only guy I was interested in dating, the guy I had been putting all of my time and effort into pursuing. I assumed he felt the same way about me. I assumed I was the only girl he was texting, the only girl he…

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