Hangxiety = Social Anxiety + Alcohol – Self Improvement Article

Social anxiety and alcohol are a common combination, but they can lead to some destructive patterns that ultimately hurt us in the long-term. For many with social anxiety, alcohol can be an effective way to diminish their nervousness and inhibitions, making it easier to socialize with others. There’s an obvious reason alcohol is called a “social lubricant.” At the same time, using alcohol to overcome your social anxiety is a bad idea from many different angles. To start, using alcohol…

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Things I Drank This Week That I Liked

Hi Guys! I went on vacation last weekend so I figured this was the perfect week to talk about two of my favorite things: beverages and archiving useless information about my life for future me. I think there’s a small subset of society that has been emboldened by La Croix to understand that they are beverage people. Like, people who just come alive at the prospect of a good beverage. For me, personally, life has few things to offer that…

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