Responding To Tragedies: More Than Thoughts and Prayers – Spiritual Article

When tragedy occurs we naturally want to reach out with words of comfort. We have to do better than “thoughts and prayers.” We’ve been pelted with tragedies — some human created and others of nature — and many of us are reflecting and praying. Texas mass shootings, multiple other mass shootings, Hurricane Dorian, many other hurricanes that left swaths of populated areas devastated, and the deadly California dive-boat fire are just a few of the tragedies we have grieved over…

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How to Live a Happy Life – Self Improvement Article

We all want to discover how to live a happy life. I’ve been in pursuit of a happy life for as long as I can remember.I’ve always wondered what it takes to be happy. As I pursued money, relationships, and success, I realized that happiness doesn’t come from the outside; it comes from within.I also realized that I don’t necessarily need to do anything to be happy.The funny thing is that when I saw this, I became more likely to…

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How To Move Forward When You Feel Stuck

On my preschool report card, I got a check mark saying that I needed to work on cutting along the lines. To the teacher, I was going too fast and didn’t have the patience to carefully maneuver the scissors. Fast-forward to middle school, where I had to stay after school to finish my sewing project. Why? Because I couldn’t match up the moving needle to the pattern. From the instructor’s view, I was another student in line attempting to make…

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