50 ways to pray

Prayer Exercise: Where Can We Find Faith In Media? – Spiritual Article

Media’s place in our lives goes beyond the “Star Wars” prayer we tried a few months ago. In our ever-connected culture, we spend a lot of time consuming various media. Since it has so much influence, even in daily conversation, we ought to take some time to intentionally analyze what we watch rather than merely consume it.  We can find meaning in the stories from popular culture. Sometimes we even feel the Spirit of God move in and among us…

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Breath Prayer: An Excerpt From ’50 Ways To Pray’ – Spiritual Article

It is easy in our busy lives to begin to think that we “have” bodies rather than that we “are” bodies. All of our experience of God is filtered through some aspect of our bodies — usually involving our mind at some point. It makes perfect sense, then, to acknowledge and intentionally include our bodies in prayer. That includes breath. In Jewish and Christian thought, breath is closely related to Spirit. The Hebrew word ruach means breath, spirit and wind,…

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