30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge: Life Reboot – Productivity Article

Welcome to the July 2019 30-Day Challenge. This month I will be looking at rebooting my life and getting it back on track. Why I Chose This My schedule lately has – rightly – been turned on its head as I focused on caring for my family. But now that things are settling down, I find myself at a loose end. I don’t want to necessarily go back to exactly what I was doing in April, and I…

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30 Day Challenge: Early Rising Wrap-up – Productivity Article

30 days of getting up before the sun. My night-owl brain rebelled at the idea, but at the same time, I believed it was key to getting important things done every day. The Challenge The challenge to myself was to craft and implement an early-morning routine. This was created because I wanted to have consistent time to read non-fiction, write, and do some basic self-care activities like journaling and stretching every morning. Lessons Learned There were a few…

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