30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge: Gratitude | Laura Earnest – Productivity Article

One of the things I hear over and over is that for a more satisfied life, one needs to make a gratitude list. I can always use more satisfaction in my life, and so for the new year I have decided to start with a gratitude. Why Gratitude? So much of what our culture is today is about “more”. More money, more time, more efficiency, more whatever. But yet there is little effort to recognize what already is.…

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30 Day Challenge: Life Reboot – Productivity Article

Welcome to the July 2019 30-Day Challenge. This month I will be looking at rebooting my life and getting it back on track. Why I Chose This My schedule lately has – rightly – been turned on its head as I focused on caring for my family. But now that things are settling down, I find myself at a loose end. I don’t want to necessarily go back to exactly what I was doing in April, and I…

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30 Day Challenge: Early Rising Wrap-up – Productivity Article

30 days of getting up before the sun. My night-owl brain rebelled at the idea, but at the same time, I believed it was key to getting important things done every day. The Challenge The challenge to myself was to craft and implement an early-morning routine. This was created because I wanted to have consistent time to read non-fiction, write, and do some basic self-care activities like journaling and stretching every morning. Lessons Learned There were a few…

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